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Record and capture video from any webcam! Capture video and save it to an AVI
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Steps to capture video

Capture WebCam is an easy to use video capture software application designed for Windows, which can be used to capture video from any capture device (TV Tuner Card, Web Cam, etc). The captured video is saved in .AVI format. After you save the video, you can burn a CD or DVD, if you have proper burning software and CD/DVD writer.

1) Set capture file name and place
Go to File->Set Capture file. A dialog box will open. Specify the file name and location where you want to save the video file.

2) Allocate file space (Optional)
Go to File->Allocate file space and set the maximum size of video capture file.

3) Check preferences
Go to Edit->Preferences. You can capture maximum 3 hours of video depending upon the hard drive space available. If you want to capture less than 15 minutes video, select [27,000 15 minutes @ 30fps]. If you want to capture a video more than 15 minutes, select [324,000 3 hours @ 30fps]. Remember 15 minutes and 3 hours are maximum limits. If you want to capture a video - say 3 minutes, you will choose 15 minutes. During video capture, you can stop capture anytime by pressing the right mouse button on video screen. Make sure that [sync video to audio] option is checked. Hit [ok].

4) Capture Video
Go to Capture->Video. A dialog box will open. From where you can select the capture rate, set the capture length, check if you want to capture audio, select compression if you want. It is recommended to leave the compression at its default settings. NOTE: for audio capture, you will have to select audio device from Windows Audio properties. You can do so by double clicking the little speaker icon on lower right corner of windows.

Video Capture will start, once you hit OK. If you want to stop capture anytime, press click right mouse button on capture window.

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